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What is the Welsh National Road Rally?

In 2022 the National Road Rally committee took over the organisation of the Welsh National Road Rally (WNRR).

For 2024 the rally will run under the same format as 2022, there will be around 60 unmanned controls for competitors to choose from when planning their route. Controls will be allocated either a Letter or a Number and to achieve an award, competitors will need to visit a combination of both lettered and numbered controls. Competitors will be able to choose their own start and finish locations as well as their own route which they will record using a smartphone app.

The rally is not a race and each competitor follows their own route, visiting different controls around Wales. The only time restriction is that riders complete their route in the allotted time, which is ample allowing for rest breaks. The number of controls each rider visits will depend on the award they are competing for. You cannot visit a control twice. All this and more details can be found in the Supplementary Regulations

In order to compete in the Welsh National Road Rally you must be a resident of the United Kingdom and hold a full UK motorcycle license.

Entries for the Welsh National Road Rally will open on this website around 2 months before the event. On entering the event competitors will be provided with. details on how to log into myWNRR where they will be able to download all of the instructions and documentation for the event. If they want to find out more about the Welsh National Road Rally Click Here to go to the About page

The Controls

Unlike the English and Scottish versions of the National Road Rally, the Welsh National Road Rally doesn't have a matrix of interconnected controls that competitors must plan a route around. Instead, there is a map of control points that competitors can visit in any order they choose, however, some of the controls are designated a number and other controls are. designated a letter. In order to achieve the different levels of award, competitors must visit a certain number of Letter controls and a certain number of Number controls. In 2022 there were around 60 controls in total and for 2023 the number of controls will be similar. Controls will be positioned all over Wales and competitors will need to plan a route that will visit the correct number of controls for the award they are attempting to achieve and competitors may only visit each control once.

How do I Enter?

Entries for the Welsh National Road Rally will open a few months before the Rally and close two weeks before the Rally. All entries will be made through this website, to find out more about entering and to enter online Click Here to go to the Entries page.

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