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12th September 2020

What is the National Road Rally?

The National Road Rally is a navigational scatter rally organised in conjunction with the ACU and the BMF. The event is not a race and each rider follows their own route, visiting different controls around the country, the only time stipulation is that riders complete their route in the allotted time. The number of controls each rider visits will depend on the award that they are competing for and the location of the controls will be shown on the “Matrix” which is normally issued to entrants two weeks before the event.

Anybody with a full motorcycle licence can enter the National Road Rally, you don’t need a competition licence or any previous competition experience to compete. You can either enter online on the National Road Rally website or by post. To enter by post, you can either download an entry form from this website or call the ACU and request and entry form. You can also download a copy of the Supplementary Regulations from this website, these are the “rules” of the National Road Rally and all competitors should make sure they’ve read them before entering the rally. After you’ve entered the National Road Rally, around two weeks before the event you receive your riders pack, this will contain you control card, a copy of the matrix, a list of controls amongst other things.

Once you receive your Rider's Pack and Matrix, you can start planning your route. There are many different ways to plan a route, but a good way to work out your route is to start at the final control, or in the case of the daytime rally the control where you choose to finish, then work backwards, trying various alternatives until you reach a solution combining the mileage, number of controls and starting point that suits you.

Remember that you can not travel between controls for which there is no link. Also be aware of the closing times of the controls you intend to use, together with the availability of food and petrol and your proposed rest points. Finally. Don't worry. It's not as difficult as you might think, as there are many, many routes available to you

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