Some Good Reasons Why

Because it's a challenge for both the rider as an individual, whether you are good enough to ride a bike for an extended time, navigating the way around the route without getting too lost and the machine ridden, that you have prepared specifically for the weekend.

Because it a different kind or rally, a road riding rally. Something that you participate in rather than go along to.

Because it is what I enjoy - riding my bike on different roads, in different parts of the country on one of the longest days of the year. Allowing me to meet old friends who compete in the rally, meet the volunteers who sand by the control and provide the witty banter and refreshments, which make the event what it is and at the same time making new friends as the popularity of the rally increases.

Because riding through the night from dusk to dawn on quiet roads with little or no traffic is a rare pleasure in this over populated, over congested country. Early evening Saturday the roads become less busy and you are able to concentrate on enjoying the ride more and worry about the traffic less. Enabling an all too brief view of some stunning scenery. Choose the right roads, staying off the motorways and dual carriage ways, at the right time, of the day or night, you can literally ride for miles and the only vehicles you will see are other bikes on the event. With only a few hours of total darkness because it is mid-summer, late night becomes early morning very quickly and any signs of tiredness reduce as light increases.

Because the preparing for the event is as much a part of the rally as riding the roads. The more preparation that is done before the event, the more you are going to enjoy the end result. Bike, riding gear, route, taking your own food if you want, or eating locally in a road side cafe, it's all part of the enjoyment.

Because you choose where you start or finish. Local to home or slightly further afield, making the distance completed as short or as long as you want. From 100 miles to the 540 miles and together with the rider ability special tests, before the event even starts, the rally is what you want to make it.

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