The idea of the rally is to devise a route that contains the number of controls and the mileage which suits the award you intend to go for.

With your final instructions you will receive a control map in diagrammatic form, setting out all the controls and the permitted links between them, together with official mileages for these links. It is up to you what roads you use to travel between controls, but the official mileages must be used for your calculations.

To work out your route start at the final control, or in the case of the daytime rally the control where you choose to finish, then work backwards, trying various alternatives until you reach a solution combining the mileage, number of controls and starting point that suits you.

Remember that you can not travel between controls for which there is no link.

Also be aware of the closing times of the controls you intend to use, together with the availability of food and petrol and your proposed rest points.

Finally. Don't worry. It's not as difficult as you might think, as there are many, many routes available to you.

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