Some Good Reasons Why

Some great reasons for riding in an annual, exciting and challenging road based Event for riders of Motorcycles and Scooters, solo or sidecars, three wheeler cars or Motorcycles

  1. An opportunity to join hundreds of enthusiastic riders in a ride taking in some of England's finest roads on one of the longest days of the year.
  2. Set your own targets from 120 miles to 540 miles.
  3. Why not take part in the Special Tests and go for a Platinum Award, the top challenge?
  4. Be able to start at a Control close to your home.
  5. Why not form a team with your friends or fellow club members?
  6. Finish at one of the multiple Final Controls that will be positioned around the country.

Most of all take advantage of this once a year opportunity to get out on your bike, scooter, or three wheeler and ride in a friendly Rally, which treats all abilities on the same level and provides great chances to meet and make friends.

Interested, now read the ‘SUMMARY of the RALLY’, this will provide sufficient information to enable you to send in your entry.

ACU - Bikesport GB